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Squier Mini Rosewood Torino Red F-0310101558 - LAMUSIC.CA Squier Mini Rosewood Black F-0310101506 - LAMUSIC.CA  Squier Mini Rosewood Pink F-0310101570 - LAMUSIC.CA
 Fender 60th Anniversary Commemorative Stratocaster, Maple Fingerboard, 2-Color Sunburst 0170182703 - LAMUSIC.CA Roland BD-2 Blues Driver - LAMUSIC.CA La Patrie Motif Nylon Guitar 008841 - LAMUSIC.CA
Simon & Patrick Trek Natural SG Acoustic Guitar 038954 - LAMUSIC.CA  Takamine GN20 Natural G20 Series Acoustic Guitar - LAMUSIC.CA Takamine GD10-NS NEX Body Natural Acoustic Guitar - LAMUSIC.CA
Gibson 2014 LPM Electric Guitar Satin Vintage Sunburst LPM-SBCH - LAMUSIC.CA  Gibson 2014 SGM Electric Guitar Satin Chocolate SGM-STRC - LAMUSIC.CA Gibson 2014 Les Paul Signature Electric Guitar Heritage Honey Burst LPSIHBRC - LAMUSIC.CA
Ibanez JEM70 Sea Foam Green EM Electric Guitar - LAMUSIC.CA  Ibanez JS1600PSV Satriani Signature Electric Guitar Premium Silver - L.A Music Ibanez AG75 Brown Sunburst Artcore Electric - LAMUSIC.CA
 Simon & Patrick Trek Natural Folk SG Acoustic Guitar 038961 - LAMUSIC.CA Seagull Merlin Spruce SG Dulcimer Guitar Natural - LAMUSIC.CA  Gibson Dave Grohl ES-335 Gold Metallic Electric Guitar ARDG14GMCH - LAMUSIC.CA
Fender CD-140S VA, Dreadnought, Rosewood Fingerboard, Natural 0961524321 - LAMUSIC.CA
 Tune-Bot Electronic Drum Tuner - LAMUSIC.CA Pearl Vision VX 5 Piece Drums Set with Hardware and Ready Set go Pack Jet Black -LAMUSIC.CA Yamaha DTX532K Electronic Drum Kit - LAMUSIC.CA
Roland TD-4-KP-S Drum Kit - LAMUSIC.CA Sabian 16 Inch XS20 Ozone Crash $99.99-LAMUSIC.CA  LP LP1428NY City Series Black Box Cajon - LAMUSIC.CA
Gretsch GE-8256 SHELL SHELL PACK Grey Steel (GST) - LAMUSIC.CA  Zildjian PZ1316 Planet Z Cymbal Pack Z3 13 inch Hi Hats & 16 inch Crash-LAMUSIC.CA Zildjian ZXTP4P-9 ZXT 4 Pro 20 inch Medium, 16 inch Medium/Thin, 14 inch Hats Including Free 18 inch Medium/Thin Hat - LAMUSIC.CA
 Zildjian ZHT 390 Box Set Enlarge ZHT 390 Box Set - LAMUSIC.CA Zildjian Drummers Gift Pack - LAMUSIC.CA Roland TD-1K Entry Level V-Drum Kit - LAMUSIC.CA
Zildjian ZBTP390F Cymbal Package - LAMUSIC.CA Gibraltar THRONE ROUND SEAT 5608 65900 - LAMUSIC.CA Gretsch CM1 6PC W/22 DCB - LAMUSIC.CA
Zildjian 0230 16 inch Cymbal Medium Thin Crash Cymbal - LAMUSIC.CA Yamaha DTX522K Electronic Drum Kit - LAMUSIC.CA Yamaha MG06X 4-channel Compact Mixer Includes a $10 Gift Card - LAMUSIC.CA
Yamaha PSR E Series PSRE243 Portable Keyboard, 61-Key - LAMUSIC.CA  Yamaha PSR E Series PSRE343 61-key Portable Arranger Keyboard - LAMUSIC.CA Yamaha PSR E Series PSRE433 61 Key Portable Keyboard - LAMUSIC.CA
Yamaha NP 11 Keyboard - LAMUSIC.CA Yamaha Tyros 5 76 Note Arranger Workstation - LAMUSIC.CA Yamaha NP31 - 76 Key Mid-Level Piaggero Ultra-Portable Digital Piano - LAMUSIC.CA
Nord Lead Rack 2X Virtual Analog - LAMUSIC.CA Roland FA-08 Music Workstation - LAMUSIC.CA Roland F20 Digital Piano - Contemporary Black Stand not Included - LAMUSIC.CA
Yamaha Portable Grand DGX650 - LAMUSIC.CA Yamaha P-105 Digital Piano - LAMUSIC.CA Roland F20 Digital Piano - Contemporary Black Stand not Included - LAMUSIC.CA
 Korg Kross-61 Keyboard Workstation - LAMUSIC.CA Roland FP-50 Black Digital Piano - LAMUSIC.CA Roland FP-80 Black Digital Piano - LAMUSIC.CA
Yamaha HS5 5 inch Powered Studio Monitor - LAMUSIC.CA Yamaha HS8 8 inch Powered Studio Monitor - LAMUSIC.CA Yamaha HS7 7 inch Powered Studio Monitor - LAMUSIC.CA
Yamaha HS8S 8 Yamaha STAGEPAS 400i 400 Watt 8 Channel Powered Mixer - LAMUSIC.CA Yamaha STAGEPAS 600i 680-watt, Portable PA system with 10-channel Powered Mixer - LAMUSIC.CA
Auralex SPPP SonoSuede Panel Tan - lamusic.ca Auralex S3TZL SonoSuede Trapezoid Panel Left Tan - LAMUSIC.CA Auralex SonoSuede HD 1218 qty 6 brown - LAMUSIC.CA
Gator GWW-SPK-3000SET Speaker Stands - lamusic.ca Presonus E4.5 Monitors Pair - LAMUSIC.CA PreSonus Audiobox 1818VSL 18-Channel USB Interface - LAMUSIC.CA
Primacoustic VoxGuard P300-0100 - lamusic.ca Tannoy Reveal 402 - Studio Monitor - LAMUSIC.CA  TC Helicon VoiceLive Play Vocal Processor - LAMUSIC.CA
Electro Voice Live X ELX115P Powered Loudspeaker - LAMUSIC.CA Electro Voice Live X ELX112P Powered Loudspeaker - LAMUSIC.CA  Korg KR mini Rhythm Machine - LAMUSIC.CA
 Aira Roland Drum Machine TR-8 - LAMUSIC.CA Machie Dl806 Digital Mixer - LAMUSIC.CA Presonus Music Creation Suite Studio Package - LAMUSIC.CA
Electrovoice ZLX 12P Package - LAMUSIC.CA KRK Rokit RP6-G3 - LAMUSIC.CA Mackie Dl160 iPad Compatible 16 Channel Digital Mixer $899.00-LAMUSIC.CA
Boss eBand JS-10 Personal Guitar and Bass Trainer Loaded - LAMUSIC.CA < Orange PPC108 Micro Terror Cabinet with 1x8 Inch Speaker, closed back - LAMUSIC.CA  Orange Micro Terror 20W Head - LAMUSIC.CA
Marshall Slash SL5C Limited Edition 5 Watt Tube Combo - LAMUSIC.CA Marshall Slash SL-5C Limited Edition 5Watt Tube Combo -LAMUSIC.CA Roland Cube LT WH - LAMUSIC.CA
 Hotone British Invasion 5W Mini Amplifier, based on Vox AC30 (with 18V power supply) NLA-1 - LAMUSIC.CA  Supro 1624T Dual-Tone 24-watt 1 x 12 inch Tube Combo -LAMUSIC.CA Yamaha THR10C Metal Desktop Amplifier - LAMUSIC.CA
Yamaha THR5 Guitar Amp - LAMUSIC.CA Hotone Trem Single Footswitch Analog Tremolo Pedal STR-1 - LAMUSIC.CA  Outlaw Effects 24K Reverb - LAMUSIC.CA
Electro-Harmonix C9 Organ Machine - LAMUSIC.CA Pigtronix Infinity Looper Stereo Performance Looper - LAMUSIC.CA Pigtronix Quantum Time Modulator Multi Dimension Chorus Horror Film Vibrato DynaFlanger - LAMUSIC.CA
Pigtronix Envelope Phaser Envelope & Rotary Phaser - LAMUSIC.CA Pigtronix FAT Drive Tube Sound Overdrive - LAMUSIC.CA Outlaw Effects Quick Draw Delay - LAMUSIC.CA
Fender 60th Anniversary Pint Glasses Set 4 9124774506 - LAMUSIC.CA Fender 60th Anniversary 30 Inch Barstool 9100233406 - LAMUSIC.CA Hercules GSP38WBN Limited Edition Wall Hanger With Lock - LAMUSIC.CA
Fender Custom Shop Stretch Cap, Black, Large to Extra-Large 9106011506 - LAMUSIC.CA Fender 250L Light Super 250's 9-42 Set 10 Pack Bulk - LAMUSIC.CA  Fender 250R Regular Super 250's 10-46 Set 10 Pack Bulk - LAMUSIC.CA

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